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Spokes & Bones Vendors Pavillion

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    Bad Bones Clothing

    Men's, women's, kid's and pet's Biker Apparel and accessories.

  • MEMBER 2

    Bad Girl Apparel

    Whether you are a dancer or a business executive - every girl needs to be a little bad!

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    Spokes & Bones Offical Merchandise

    Get your offical Spokes & Bones Gear!

  • MEMBER 17

    The Lace Project

    As seen on Pink, Pretty Little Liars, HGTV, People Magazine and more! Every woman wants a set!!

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    Bika Chic

    Apparel and Cosmetics for hard core, fierce, ladies. Waterproof mascara /eyeliners,bronzer etc.,clothes that you can feel beautiful in,not just for riding.

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    Dan Kite Pinstriping

    It's crazy to think I've been pinstriping for over 30 years. It tall started when I was a kid. My dad Bill Kite, was an incredibly talented sign painter / pinstriper and ran Kite Signs in Champaign, IL for about 40 years. I remember watching him for hours as he hand painted truck doors, race cars and signs. I spent my early years sweeping the floor and coating out 4×8 plywood sheets. As the years passed, I picked up a brush and started butchering everything I touched! It was a very slow learning curve, but thanks to my dad and a lot of drive, I finally started getting the hang of it. While working at the shop I also learned of the growing motorcycle rally buisness. All the while helping to raise three wonderful kids, Brian, Chris and Danielle. It was a great way to meet fun people and make a few bucks on the side. I spent my weekends pinstriping at Midwest Gold Wing rallies. Eventually taking over and learning how to run a business, treat people with respect and create a quality product I could be proud of. I started losing interest in the sign business after the computer and plotter took over the art of hand lettering. And so I now do nothing but travel the country pinstriping at our nations motorcycle rallies with my wife, partner and best friend Gina. Spending our winters in Florida, playing golf, riding our Harley and doing a little painting here and there. Thanks again, we hope to see you somewhere down the road. Dan and Gina Kite

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    Men's and Womner's Biker Apparel and Accessories

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    Ironhorse Motorcycle Lawyers

    Since 2009, Iron Horse has devoted a lot of it's time, energy, and financial resources to promote motorcycle safety awareness to car drivers; participated in and sponsor many charity rides and rallies across South Carolina, Georgia, and North Carolina; and speak to motorcyclists about motorcycle law, riding safety tips, legal issues unique to motorcycles, and how to protect themselves and their families in the event of an accident by properly insuring their motorcycle and cars. You will see our team throughout South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia sponsoring, attending, and riding in rallies, poker runs, bike nights, and charity events, large and small. Look for our information at your favorite motorcycle shop, or stop by our tent at an event, meet our team, and spin the prize wheel for a chance to win an Iron Horse t-shirt or other prizes

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    Killer Jewelry


  • MEMBER 9

    Tom McGrath's Motorcycle Law Firm

    The Firm That Rides!

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    Bad Ass Cigars

    Badass Cigar Company. The Story Of Badass Cigars. The founder and creator loves his bikes and a good cigar, so he decided to create his own company. He knew what he wanted in a cigar, and began researching all the highest rated cigar manufacturers. He now makes them available to his customers. Several of his brands are crafted exclusively for Badass Cigar Company by one of the top boutique cigar-makers in Nicaragua. They use a handmade manufacturing process reminiscent of the old cigar factories years ago, (Old School) long before the era of mass produced cigars. Each cigar blend is well aged and has a kick ass deep rich flavor. It’s a dynamite smoke a complex powerhouse with full-bodied flavors and spices. It’s one bad ass cigar. The perfect cigar.

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    Pappa Shine

    At Pappa Shine we are 100% dedicated to offering you, the enthusiast, the highest quality detail products available for all of your toys. We feel that bigger is not always better in the detail industry. We are able to dedicate one on one time with you, our customer and are readily available to answer any questions you may have. We are a family owned business, and all of our products are made in the USA. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

  • MEMBER 13

    Fastlights LEDs

    FastlightLEDS has grown to be the premier LED Lighting company in the USA. From our humble beginnings of a few shows and a small installation rig to what is now the most comprehensive LED company in the USA! Through our hard work, determination and commitment to customer satisfaction our company has grown tremendously over he last few years.

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    Randy's Cycle Shack


  • MEMBER 17

    One Time Customs

    One Time Customs originally founded in 2013 by Garrett Lewis of China Grove, North Carolina. The two of them have set out to make the baddest Baggers around. In Daytona Bike Week 2015, One Time Customs won the prestigious Urban Bagger Of The Year Award. Just know, we specialize in making your Bagger dream come true. We carry all the major brands and we have the know how and skill set to get it done.

  • MEMBER 18

    Step N GTlitz

    Specialty retailer carrying Afflication, Bus Stop and high end mens and womens cowboy boots.

  • MEMBER 19

    Jan & Zimmy's Patches & Sewing

    Patches, sewing, concealed carry gear and witty reparte!

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    Our variety of hats and accessories is massive. We cater to all those steampunk lovers; those in the wonderful winter wonderlands we have the perfect line of fun, furry winter toppers for you. Our Pirate hats ARRRrrrrr top of the line and you can bet your Fedora that our range is second to none.

  • MEMBER 21

    InfernoUSA Sunglasses

    Awesome riding glasses. Transitional lenses - custom RX lenses avaiable!

  • MEMBER 22

    Sanity Jewelry

    The best collection of bad ass skull jewelry, biker jewelry and stainless steel jewelry in America. A wide variety of men’s and women’s necklaces, skull rings, bad ass bracelets, biker pendants and chains.