Meet Scott

Master Mixologist & Prohibition Hater


About Scott

Master Mixologist

Scott began his career while in college at Goody’s Pub in Beloit Wisconsin serving brats, burgers and beer. Since then, he has been seen at Bum Rogers at the Jersey shore shucking clams while serving drinks in the summer months (and instigating all kinds of shenanigans in the winter months like naked beach runs, topless head-beer stands and many others), at Giorgio’s in Hollywood Florida serving high-end seafood by day and Ouzo and Mythos (Greek beer) at night when it turned into a Greek disco (a true free-for-all if I have ever seen one), at the Down Under in Newark Delaware, a college bar where tequila shooters and topless body shots were a nightly occurrence. Throughout his 36 years behind the bar, he has honed his craft and can prepare everything from the classics to creative and tasty craft cocktails. He has also been known to start a shot train around the bar. Most recently, he can be found at The Wicked Tuna in Murrells Inlet SC. Be sure to visit Scot at the Speakeasy Bar (under the main stage) at Spokes and Bones. Come see what he will be up to under there.